Meet the Doctors


Dr. Ashley Boettger

Dr. Ashley Boettger grew up in a small town in central Montana. She earned her undergraduate degree from Montana State University and graduated from dental school at the University of Utah School of Dentistry in 2018. She practiced in Montana for a few years before moving to Oklahoma to join Lawton Dental and Implants. Having grown up in a rural community, Dr. Ashley knows it’s challenging when patients have to travel for procedures, and that inspired her to become a general dentist so she can provide as many procedures as possible in one place. She loves dentistry because it’s the perfect combination of art and science, and she also loves skiing, rafting, and spending time with her husband and their dog. Dr. Ashley’s goal for her patients is to keep every smile healthy and beautiful.

Dr. Skyler Williams

From an early age, Dr. Williams’ adventurous spirit drew him to the great outdoors, where he discovered his love for hiking, biking, skiing, and all things that embraced the natural world.


Dr. Williams’ pursuit of knowledge and his ambition to make a difference led him to the field of dentistry. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to practice dentistry in the beautiful state of Oklahoma, where he can not only provide exceptional care to his patients, but also immerse himself in the breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities that he cherishes.


Dr. Williams’ patients benefit not only from his exceptional skills as a dentist, but also from his genuine compassion and unwavering dedication. Standing at 6’4″, his heart is just as big as his height, and he embraces every opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of those he encounters.

Dr. Derek Downing

Dr. Derek Downing is a highly skilled and compassionate dentist hailing from the vibrant city of Temecula, California.

With a deep-rooted commitment to providing exceptional dental care, Dr. Downing’s expertise and dedication have earned him a stellar reputation among his patients and peers alike. He obtained his dental degree from The University of Utah, where he refined his proficiency in a wide range of dental treatments and procedures. Driven by a genuine passion for improving oral health, he actively keeps up with the latest advancements in dentistry.

When not creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Downing enjoys spending quality time with his loving wife, Jessica, and their adorable daughter, exploring the great outdoors and cherishing precious family moments.


Lawton Dental and Implants has been in Lawton, OK for almost 30 years and continues to brighten the smiles of new generations in the community.

Our address is 309 NW Sheridan Rd. in Lawton, OK. We are located near Walmart and Hobby Lobby on the east side of the road.


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