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Lawton Dentures – Full and Partial

Missing Teeth?  Lawton Dental and Implants specialize in providing affordable full and partial dentures for patients.   While many dentists have to refer out patients looking for this service, our dental team’s advanced training with “false teeth” allows us to offer several cost-effective denture options in Lawton and restore the appearance of your smile.

Dentures are removable substitutes for missing teeth. Full dentures are used when a person is missing all their natural teeth, while partial dentures replace only a few missing teeth here or there to eliminate gaps and improve chewing. Denture treatment is customized specifically to each patient, and Dr. Jackson or Dr. Boettger can help you decide which option works best for you.

Dentures Lawton, OK

Full Dentures (Conventional And Implant-Supported)

Sometimes dental conditions, such as tooth decay or gum disease, can become unmanageable. This may lead to the decision to remove your remaining teeth on one or both arches. Full dentures are an economical and efficient way to restore your function and smile.

A complete denture consists of a thin gum-colored acrylic base that rests on the gum tissue. Porcelain or acrylic replacement teeth built into the base give the appearance of natural teeth. We know that your smile is unique, and Dr. Jackson and Dr. Boettger have the experience to help you select the teeth that will look the most natural. This also gives you the option to customize the way you look; whether you want a “new” smile, or want to recreate the one you had.

While dentures boast a long history of successful use, modern technology offers some options to enhance the way dentures fit and the way you look. In many cases, dentures can be secured more firmly to your jaw with the use of dental implants placed in the jaw. In addition to having greater retention and a more natural look, implant-supported dentures tend to last longer. Dr. Jackson or Dr. Boettger can discuss these options and help you understand the ways they can improve your experience with dentures.

Partial Dentures

Whether you’ve lost one tooth or many, chewing and smiling can become more difficult because of the gaps in your smile. Partial dentures are an economical solution to replace missing teeth, fill in the spaces, improve chewing ability, and restore your confidence to smile. A partial denture will also help keep your natural teeth from shifting, lowering the risk of losing those teeth in the future.

Most partial dentures contain a thin metal framework that is designed with small metal clasps that wrap around the gum line of existing teeth. This allows for a smooth, non-bulky feel. The framework is supported by your natural teeth to provide a reliable, secure appliance that is easy to use and remove. Where teeth are missing, natural-looking replacement teeth are attached, and gum-colored acrylic is used to cover the metal framework. Remember your mouth and your needs are unique, and Dr. Jackson and Dr. Boettger work with skilled technicians to create a solution that is functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

With advances in technology, implants can also be used to support removable partial dentures, improving the fit while reducing the bulkiness of the appliance. Dentures inherently bring some challenges, especially to new wearers. Our goal is to minimize the everyday frustrations and keep you as comfortable as possible.

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Dentures are a big step and take time to get used to.  Eating and talking naturally come over time.  We are happy to be here to help our patients adjust to life with dentures in Lawton.  Dentures are not real teeth but should be cared for in the same manner as your natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing.  Please schedule an appointment with us to determine if dentures are the right decision for ensuring a better quality of life for you!


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